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Amost every day there are new stories about China's plans for global domination!

Is a war with Russia and/or China inevitable or are the Pentagon hawks simply looking to increase a U.S. defense budget, a budget that is already obscenely huge?($768 Billion in 2022)

Every year the U.S. continues to outspend the entire rest of the world on it's defense. Not even China can hope to overcome the cold hard economics of an arms race. It is a black hole, a money pit. Apparently the U.S. can afford to spend hundreds of billions of dollars every year, because it is a very wealthy country, and there's plenty of money for weapons and to run the rest of the government. Comparatively, China is not a wealthy country. China is not the linchpin of the global economy.

The Russians know this from experience, and like Russia, the Chinese cannot afford to keep up with the U.S. Defense effort, and so they are looking for that great technological leap ahead, a weapon that will permanently shift the balance of power in their favor, without the necessity of armed conflict. They reason that faced with insurmountable odds and certain defeat, the west will capitulate. The problem with this strategy is that once the Chinese or the Russians have this “super-weapon”, they must reveal that they have it, and then they have to demonstrate that it works, without inadvertently provoking a global nuclear response where everyone is shooting at them. This strategy also depends on the western powers giving up without a fight, which is improbable.

National Defense Budgets

U.S. $768 Billion (2022)
China $65 to $250 Billion
France $55.6 Billion (2016)
Russia $50 Billion
UK $42.8 Billion
Japan $41 Billion (2016)
Germany $40.9 Billion (2019)

Do the Chinese have a long-term plan for global domination that hinges on it's ability to coerce the rest of the world into going along with the plan, or else? As in: Let China invade Taiwan or else... Let China annex the South China Sea or else...

If so, has this strategy worked for Beijing? No, so far it hasn't. What China's strategy is actually doing is causing the west-leaning Asian-Pacific to more-closely align themselves with the United States. They feel the need to let China know that it's aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and if China wants war, China will have war. Does China really want war?

No. China does not want war, what China wants is stability and there are indications that China is not as stable, politically and economically, as it needs to be.

What's wrong in China?

Growth is slowing. The cracks are showing. The government is mismanaging the economy. Too much corruption at all levels. Power in China is tightly concentrated at the very top echelons of the government and military. The Chinese justice system serves the will of the elites as does the media. Consequently, where there is no truth, there is no justice.

The Chinese government is essentially a racist and xenophobic organization that will attempt to control every aspect of Chinese life and eliminate or appropriate anything it sees as a threat. Like Russia, the Chinese leadership might actually have this dream of China becoming the one and only global superpower and that the competing powers, namely the U.S.A., need to get out of China's way so that she can effortlessly ascend to greatness, because that is her destiny. It's a tired old song.

The curious case of a map and a disappearing Taiwan minister at U.S. democracy summit - reuters.com - Humeyra Pamuk and Michael Martina, David Brunnstrom - 12/12/21

Australian military switches from European to US helicopters – apnews.com – 12/10/21

China Warns U.S., Allies Will 'Pay a Price' for Diplomatic Boycott of Winter Olympics 2022 – Newsweek.com - JOHN FENG - 12/9/21

Project Syndicate Opinion: China runs roughshod over international law to expand its territory and influence without firing a shot – Businesswatch.com - Brahma Chellaney - 12/8/21

Space Force General: China, Russia 'catching up quickly to US' - Fox News via Yahoo Peter Aitken 12/1/21

27 Chinese military planes fly into Taiwan airspace as tensions in South China Sea continue to rise - Daily Mail Bhvishya Patel 11/28/21

Pressure over China's human rights abuses mounts ahead of Beijing Olympics - The Washington Post Christian Shepherd and Lily Kuo 11/26/21

Australia says China's 'alarming' actions at odds with peaceful rhetoric Reuters – 11/25/21

The U.S. Should not have any illusions about Taiwan says China - - - Reuters 11/25/21

Philippines rejects China's demand to remove grounded navy ship Reuters – 11/24/21

Pentagon officials ‘remain baffled by Chinese hypersonic missile technology’ after Beijing tested weapon that could deploy a nuke while travelling at five times the speed of sound Daily Mail - Stewart Carr 11/21/21

How the U.S. Lost Ground to China in the Quest for Clean Energy NY Times - Eric Lipton & Dionne Searcey 11/21/21

U.S. warns China after South China Sea standoff with Philippines Reuters - Akriti Sharma, Susan Heavey, Philippa Fletcher 11/19/21

Biden 'considering' a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics hosted by China USA Today - Deirdre Shesgreen and Tom Schad 11/18/21

China is ready for a full-scale invasion of Taiwan and has added missiles and amphibious boats to strengthen assault: Congress' dire warning after US said they'd step in if Beijing attacked island Daily Mail – Morgan Phillips 11/18/21

Instead of standing up to Russia and China, Biden appeases them Yahoo – Peter Morici 11/17/21

China’s Xi calls for ‘peaceful’ reunification with Taiwan - Huizhong WuAssociated Press 10/9/21

House passes $768B defense bill, super-sizing Biden's Pentagon plans - Politico - CONNOR O’BRIEN 09/23/2021

There appears to be the hope that exposing Putin's plans in advance will prevent or disuade him from invading.
U.S. intel suggests Russia is planning a false-flag operation - politico - Alexander Ward - 1/14/2022

BIDEN vs PUTIN! It's a game of chicken that Putin knows he will lose. He wants the sanctions lifted. He wants negotiations. He wants his pipelines to western Europe. He wants... He wants... He wants... Problematically, he is willing to give nothing. Biden is telling him that NATO will not sit back and allow Russia to seize Ukraine. There will be military consequences that could escalate to a global nuclear conflict.
Biden lays out “two paths” for Ukraine crisis in call with Putin – axios - Zachary Basu12/30/2021

COVID Resurgence!
U.S. sets new daily high for Covid cases - politico - Ben Leonard - 12/28/2021

There's a 4th kind of chocolate!
What Exactly Is Ruby Chocolate? And Is It Even Really Chocolate? This "fourth type of chocolate" has been subject to scrutiny. - huffingtonpost.com - Caroline Bologna – 12/23/21

How to stretch your annual $766 Billion Defense Budget
USS Louisiana Undocks, Moves Ahead In ERO Process - Naval Sea Systems Command - PSNS & IMF Public Affairs - 12/22/2021

Germany chooses as interesting time to remind Putin that his behavior has consequences - Germany expels Russian diplomats after court rules Moscow ordered murder of dissident – Politico.eu – Laurenze Gehrke – 12/15/2021

The RoyalsThe media loves fresh pictures of the Royals. Their pretty faces sell a lot of tabloids and upscale magazines, but actual stories are harder to come by. Harry and Meghan are at the top of the list but the paparazzi don't seem to be able to find them. Consequently the media and a mysterious group known as “Royal Experts” have gone after Princess Charlene of Monaco, with a vengeance. The princess went to South Africa, that's where she was born, then she became ill, perhaps she had some nasal surgery? Perhaps things did not go well? She returns to Monaco. She looks thin and weak. The next thing we hear is from Prince Albert, her husband. He tells us that Princess Charlene is worn down to a frazzle and she needs some rest, she's been removed to a private facility to recover. The media is going nuts.
Princess Charlene 'hiding from public view' because she is 'disfigured' and 'scarred' from 'plastic surgery' in Dubai, royal expert claims - as she remains in treatment facility - dailymail.uk - Gerard Couzens - 12/12/21

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30 years ago important smart people predicted the demise of the United States as a Global Superpower, superseded by Powerhouse China. How did that all work out?
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Kim needs a bigger house! Is his family growing?
Kim Jong-un 'Building Luxury Villas for Himself - chosun.com - Kim Su-kyung - 11/26/2021

Havana Syndrome: A Secret Weapon or Mass Hysteria? What if it turns out to be a Secret Weapon? What happens if it's the Russians?
Report – Havana Syndrome: American Officials Under Attack belfercenter.org - Sean Power, Michael Miner, Paul Kolbe, Calder Walton, Natalia Angel – 11/04/21

Smash n Grab: Retailers have been caught off-guard by “Flash mob” looters. Are we entering a new age of “secure” retailing? Will stores be forced to lock everything down?
'Flash mob' of 30 looters rampage through two Minnesota Best Buys: Thieves take TVs, tablets and hoverboards as smash and grabs spread beyond California - Daily Mail James Gordon 11/27/21

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